IEEE Computer Issue on Large Interactive Displays

Members of the PD-net consortium recently contributed a set of articles to an IEEE Computer Issue on Large Interactive Displays.

Reflections on Long-Term Experiments with Public Displays

(A. Friday, N. Davies, C. Efstratiou)

A reflection on the authors’ experiences with public display research—systems built and lessons learned—explores content creation and control, programmable infrastructures, and applications, to offer unique insights for those considering research or practical deployments using this technology.

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Advertising on Public Display Networks

(F. Alt, J. Müller, A. Schmidt)

For advertising-based public display networks to become truly pervasive, they must provide a tangible social benefit and be engaging without being obtrusive, blending advertisements with informative content.

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Open Display Networks: A Communications Medium for the 21st Century

(N. Davies, M. Langheinrich, R. José, A. Schmidt)

Open public display networks could emerge as a new communications medium for the 21st century, but this transformation can only occur if the technology moves from its current, closed model to a new, open one.

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