University of Stuttgart

The Universität Stuttgart lies right in the centre of the largest high-tech region of Europe. It is surrounded by a number of renown research facilities and have such global players as Daimler or IBM as neighbours. Founded in 1829, this technical institution has developed to the research intensive university it is today. The main emphasis is on engineering and the natural sciences.

The Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) and the newly founded Visualization Institute of the Universität Stuttgart (VISUS) are internationally well known for research in the area of visualization, interactive 3D computer graphics, and human computer interaction. The institute is currently involved in a number of national and international projects carried out in collaboration with partners from academia, public research institutions and industry. The focus of the R&D-work of VIS is on human computer interaction techniques (interactive systems for computer aided learning, model-based user interfaces, user interfaces for sensory handicapped people, virtual and augmented reality), computer graphics (parallel and hardware accelerated graphics, web based graphics, graphics on mobile devices, non-photorealistic representations), visualization (volume rendering, flow visualization, multi-resolution analysis, large datasets as well as information visualization on high-dimensional and heterogeneous data set visualization and visual analytics), semantic models.