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Instant Places

Instant Places Deployment Instant Places is a novel screen media system that explores new practices for individual publication and identity projection in public digital displays. With Instant Places, people can have an identity representation that allows them to explicitly and

Digifieds and FunSquare Deployment

Currently, there are only few environments available that allow for testing public display applications on an urban scale in the wild. In the context of the UbiChallenge 2011 we developed two services in Oulu, Finland over the course of 6

FunSquare and Digifieds at UbiChallenge 2011

The UbiChallenge The UBIChallenge competition in Oulu, Finland will take place from June until August 2011. This competition is oriented towards creating, distributing, (June 2011) and examining (July, August 2011) public display applications in a real world setting, i.e., on