Constantin Taivan

I graduated the bachelor courses in 2008 at the Computer Engineering department of “Gh. Asachi” Tehnical University from Iasi, Romania. I took the master degree at the same faculty in collaboration with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University from Mannheim, Germany – where I have worked on my dissertation project. This internship led me to publish my first article: “Context awareness for game playing robots” in the Fifth International Conference on Systems (ICONS2010, France). Since that time my interest increased in the field of Ubiquitous computing. After the master courses I decided to follow the PhD. In October 2009 I came in Portugal aiming to continue my studies. During the time I had a contract for six months in the Institute of Systems and Robotics from Porto. Meanwhile I had gotten into the MAPi PhD a consortium program between three top universities from the North of Portugal: Minho, Porto and Aveiro. In the same time I joined the highly competitive project of PD-NET in the Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems group (Ubicom) at University of Minho.