The PD-NET project is pleased to release our proof of concept display-node player for download.  This player is simple to set up, robust, and high-quality and has been proven in 24/7 operation within the project.

It is suitable for creating:

  • stand-alone public displays (with no network support required)
  • groups and networks of displays

The player can be used as a basis for creating your own signage research system or for “out of the box” operation can fetch its content from the PD-NETappstore which provides a simple (and free!) way to link displays to convenient content and applications such as a dropbox folder.


The player currently supports a ‘carousel’ of content taken from one or more content sources.

  • Content can be static images (e.g. posters, photos), movies, live video streams and links to web pages.
  • Content can have associated scheduling constraints, e.g. days and times when it should be played.

Several applications are being included in the app-store and these can also be scheduled to displays.

Getting the software

The software is free, open-source and available for both commercial and non-commercial exploitation, subject to the terms of the apache 2.0 software license:

Please contact the team with enquiries or to join the waiting list.