The PD-NET APIs are a set of protocols that can be used to interact with PD-NET components.

The API documentation is comprised as follows:


Architectural Overview

The PD-NET architecture is divided into five segments:

  • The Content Segment supports the provision of content items that can be rendered by a display. This includes aspects such as content creation; content hosting; and logic for complex, perhaps interactive, display applications.
  • The Display Segment supports the rendering of digital items onto output hardware. Most typically this takes the form of making an image, Web page or other media visible on a screen.
  • The Environment Segment supports the collection and distribution of environmental and contextual data (e.g. sensors).
  • The Scheduling and Management Segment supports management of physical hardware and content schedules (i.e. which content items are played where, and when).
  • The Mobile Segment supports communication from a display viewer’s personal mobile device.


API Specification

Four of the five architectural segments provide a set of protocols to read and write data. The API is specified in a series of HTTP request methods on the following pages (one per segment):