Year: 2011

Digifieds and FunSquare Deployment

Currently, there are only few environments available that allow for testing public display applications on an urban scale in the wild. In the context of the UbiChallenge 2011 we developed two services in Oulu, Finland over the course of 6

Full Paper at Pervasive 2011

We presented our Full Paper on “Designing Shared Public Display Networks – Implications from Today’s Paper-Based Notice Areas” at the Ninth International Conference on Pervasive Computing in San Francisco, US (full paper). Abstract: Large public displays have become a regular conceptual

UbiChallenge Kick-Off / Poster

The deployment teams for the UbiChallenge 2011 have arrived in Oulu, Finland to make  Digifieds and FunSquare available to the public. After the initial deployment phase, services will go live on July 6th, followed by a 2 month evaluation phase.

FunSquare and Digifieds at UbiChallenge 2011

The UbiChallenge The UBIChallenge competition in Oulu, Finland will take place from June until August 2011. This competition is oriented towards creating, distributing, (June 2011) and examining (July, August 2011) public display applications in a real world setting, i.e., on

FunSquare wins UbiChallenge

After almost a year of hard work results of the first International Ubichallenge were announced on December 9th during the Tenth International Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia Conference (MUM’11) in Beijing, China. We are very proud to say that the FunSquare